Valid from February 15, 2024, between Ireland/Northern Ireland and Hungary. Orders placed until now will still be calculated based on the old price list.

Prices are calculated based on the total weight of the packages, e.g., for sending 2 packages of 15kg each, the shipping cost for 30kg will be charged.

Shipping costs always cover door-to-door service to any address in Hungary and Ireland or Northern Ireland (unless there is a separate, individual agreement to the contrary).

For certain large-volume but lightweight items (e.g., sofas, non-dismantlable furniture), we apply a volume-based pricing calculation. Volume limit: 10L / kg (e.g., if the package is 30kg, then a maximum of 300 liters). If the total volume of the shipments exceeds this ratio, we will calculate the shipping cost based on the volume (e.g., a 30kg package with 500 liters would be charged at the rate of a 50kg shipping cost).

Long-Term Delivery (LTD):

Available for shipping at least 100kg of packages from one address to another. We guarantee delivery within 40 days from the pick-up date. Within this period, the recipient must accept the shipment; the service cannot be used for storage.

Recommended for larger relocations, dormant, or unused items where delivery is not urgent. The price is also door-to-door, but the price of fixed-rate items does not change!

When filling out the online order form, please indicate in the specified field if you wish to use this option.

Payment Terms:
Our prices are set in Euros, but shipping costs can also be paid in Pounds or Forints. The shipping cost is determined at pick-up based on the exact weight and size of the packages.
This can be settled in cash at pick-up or drop-off, or by bank transfer after prior arrangement until the package is delivered.

Card payment

From april 2024., ask our courier

Loyal Customer Discount – 5% off the listed prices (except for LTD)!

Total weight of the packagesShipping cost
0 – 10 kg€ 50
11 – 20 kg€ 60
21 – 30 kg€ 85
31 – 100 kg€ 2,8 / kg
101 – 300 kg€ 2,6 / kg
301 – 500 kg€ 2,3 / kg
501 – 1500 kg€ 2 / kg

Our prices apply to standard packages, and we can only accept clothing in bags.

For all other items of unusual shape or volume (weight, size, or even with a photo), please request a custom quote (e.g., furniture, houseplants, etc.).

Other fixed-price itemsShipping cost
Bicycle assembled*€ 80
Bicycle disassembled*€ 115
Bicycle boxedNormal pricing based on volume limit
TV€ 1,8 / Inch
Electric bicycle€ 160
Electric scooter€ 70
Small scooter€ 230
MotorcycleDepending on size and type € 250 – € 800
Mattress€ 0,25 / liter
*handlebars turned, pedals removed
Long-Term Delivery (LTD)
100 – 300 kg€ 2 / kg
300 – 500 kg€ 1,8 / kg
500 – 1500 kg€ 1,6 / kg

Storage: € 15 / m3 / month

Collection/delivery of goods for storage within our official collection dates:
€30 / m³ / occasion (anywhere in HUN and IRL/NI)